Negligence – slips, trips and falls

In light of the recent ACT Court of Appeal judgment relating to a ‘slip and fall’ accident in the ACT and our article covering that judgment, this article discusses a ‘trip and fall’ accident which occurred in NSW. Although the facts and mechanism of the accident are different in the NSW case, both cases turned

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Staying Safe In The Workplace

Everyone agrees that it is important for all workers to be as safe as possible whilst carrying out their work duties. In the ACT there is legislation known as the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 which sets out the obligations and responsibilities of all employers in terms of ensuring workplace health and safety. Compliance

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The Show Must Not Go On

Injuries are common enough in sport and recreational activities to be considered an obvious risk to participants. When such injuries occur, it is natural to wonder whether event organisers are responsible and legally liable for the harm suffered. A recent judgment handed down by the High Court dealt with exactly that issue. The facts Tapp

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Workplace psychological injuries

Individuals who suffer from stress and psychological injuries arising from their employment often seek the assistance of both their GP and a lawyer to assist them to navigate the claim process. It is not uncommon for there to be additional hurdles associated with claims for psychological injuries due to the complexities associated with both diagnosis,

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Workers Compensation: Does It Matter Where My Workers Are Working From?

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many businesses allowing their employees to continue to conduct their employment duties outside of the normal office environment, and instead from remote locations such as their employee’s home. The increased use of technology, such as remote desktops, and communication platforms such as Teams and Zoom, and the utilisation of

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Why Are My Records Being Requested, and Do I Have To Release Them?

Patient-practitioner confidentiality and the requirement for disclosure in legal claims, have long been cause for friction between lawyers and doctors. To assist you with understanding your obligations, and why your patients’ records may be requested when they bring a personal injury claim, we have summarised a few points for you below. Depending upon the stage

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The Importance of Medical or Other Expert Reports

A medical (or other) report is often the most important evidence in a claim for compensation. Receiving a request for a report adds to the workload of already busy health professionals. This report, however, can often make the difference in the success of a claim. It can also strongly influence the amount of compensation recoverable.

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Injuries During Contact Sports – Is the School Responsible?

2021 has been challenging for schools, with COVID-19−related restrictions and lockdowns, and the ongoing issue surrounding vaccination of staff and students. Apart from COVID, 2021 has also seen some interesting legal cases that contain some key reminders for all schools to take into the 2022 school year. In Mattock v State of New South Wales

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