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Legal Services Canberra

At Snedden Hall & Gallop, we value add through our experience and knowledge which we’ve built by thriving through the challenges and opportunities that come with 60 plus years or practicing law.

Attention to detail and achieving genuine outcomes for our clients are at the heart of what Snedden Hall & Gallop determine to be professional.

We not only value listening but truly hearing all stakeholders as the key element of effective communication. We identify, cultivate and enhance partnerships, engendering an inclusive environment in all facets of the firm.

Let us be the trusted and respected partner you deserve.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

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Diverse Legal Services at Snedden Hall & Gallop

Snedden Hall & Gallop offers a broad spectrum of legal services designed to cater to the varied needs of our clients. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge in different legal areas, providing comprehensive support for a range of legal challenges.

Personal Injury Law: Understanding and Support

Our team focuses on providing empathetic and effective legal assistance in personal injury law. We handle cases ranging from workplace accidents to public liability claims, aiming to support you through your legal journey.

Family Law: Handling Sensitive Matters

Family law matters require understanding and a thoughtful approach. Our team is equipped to deal with a range of family law issues, from divorce to child custody disputes, focusing on protecting your rights and interests.

Migration Law: Navigating the Legal Path

The complexities of migration law can be challenging. Our team offers guidance in handling cases such as visa applications and appeals, providing clear communication and support throughout the process.

Commercial Litigation: Safeguarding Business Interests

Our commercial litigation team deals with various business-related disputes. We work to develop strategies that aim to protect your business interests and seek favourable outcomes.

Our Team at Snedden Hall & Gallop

Providing services for over 60 years

At Snedden Hall & Gallop, our team consists of legal professionals with a broad range of legal knowledge. They cover various areas such as business & commercial law, commercial disputes, wills & estates, personal injury, migration and property. This range of legal fields within our team allows us to offer a wide spectrum of legal services, catering to diverse client requirements. Our team’s approach to staying updated with legal trends and understanding each client’s unique situation reflects our commitment to providing relevant legal services.

The environment at Snedden Hall & Gallop encourages collaboration among our lawyers, fostering a culture where knowledge and skills are shared. This collaborative approach is beneficial in addressing complex legal matters, as it brings together diverse perspectives and insights. Our team’s focus is on providing legal advice and representation that reflects a combination of their collective understanding and individual skills. We aim to build relationships with our clients, offering legal support that aligns with their specific legal needs and circumstances.

We approach our clients as colleagues – we don’t work for you, but with you. Your business is our business. You can trust us to help you solve your legal problems and minimise your risk. We look forward to working with you!





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At Snedden Hall & Gallop, we understand that legal challenges can be challenging. Our team is equipped to handle a wide range of legal issues, offering tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s a personal matter or a business-related issue, we’re here to provide clear, effective legal guidance and support every step of the way.

Our services for businesses include handling commercial litigation, employment law matters, succession planning, and migration-related issues. We aim to work alongside your business, offering legal advice that considers the unique aspects of your situation. Our goal is to assist you in navigating the legal landscape relevant to your business.

Yes, we offer assistance in personal legal matters, including purchase and sale of property, family law, wills & estates and personal injury. We approach these matters with an understanding of their sensitive nature, aiming to provide advice and support that considers your individual circumstances.

At Snedden Hall & Gallop, we place importance on communication and understanding the unique needs of each client. Our team strives to be responsive and accessible, offering legal advice that reflects an understanding of your specific situation. We aim to work with you to address your legal challenges.


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I contacted Snedden Hall & Gallop Lawyers for advice on an employment contract and I was more than impressed with the professionalism and depth of advice received from Laura Wood who handled my inquiry. From the initial point of contact, all communication received from Laura was clear and concise. I received a fixed fee quote and there were no hidden costs associated with the legal work completed. The depth of advice received from Laura was incredible and exceeded my expectations. Laura explained everything in detail to ensure I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision. I would highly recommend Laura Wood and the team from Snedden Hall & Gallop Lawyers for employment contract advice.

KF (Employment - September 2023)

Thank you Richard for supporting me and being sincere and consistent throughout this process. Because of you I will be able to achieve my future goals. I wish you all the best.

SA (PI - June 2023)

Just a final thank you to you both for helping me put an end to this matter finally after more than 2 years

It’s a huge relief and I think the best outcome we could have hoped for!

AF (PI - March 2023)

I engaged Amber following an accident in the gym which left me with a head and facial injury. Amber spent time with me before I committed to proceeding with a claim, walking me through the process. Throughout the course of the claim, Amber was professional and fast to respond. Amber is an expert in the area in which she practices and is deeply knowledgeable. Amber is a strong communicator and is very personable. Amber took the time to build and sustain a relationship with me throughout the course of the claim. I would recommend Amber’s service to anyone in the future, and can confidently say Amber is someone I would trust with any future claims.

CC (PI - April 2023)

Jonathan – Just wanted to drop you a quick message to say we have taken possession of the keys and to say thank you for your assistance – it has been invaluable in getting us in to our home before Christmas.

Anonymous (Commercial Litigation - December 2022)

Amber is a great personal injury lawyer. She listened to my problems, responded to queries promptly and provided solutions to my problems.  She was patient, understanding and sympathetic. Amber worked really hard on my case and achieved a great outcome for me. I highly recommend Amber to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer. You will not regret having Amber as your lawyer.

Anonymous (PI - July 2022)<