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Amber has over sixteen years of experience in personal injury claims, dispute resolution and litigation. She joined the team at Snedden Hall & Gallop in 2018, before being appointed as a Director in July 2021.  

Amber is a strong advocate who enjoys working with her clients to achieve successful settlement outcomes and making a positive difference in their lives. 

Amber is experienced at advising in relation to claims for private and public sector workers compensation, public liability and medical negligence claims, and motor vehicle accident claims.  Given the breadth of her experience, Amber advances matters for her clients in a focused and efficient matter. 

Amber is a member of the ACT Law Society and sits on their Compulsory Third Party Reform Advisory Committee. Amber is a former Director of ACT Athletics, and in 2023 she was elected as the ACT Director of the Australian Lawyers Alliance. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Personal injury claims (motor vehicle accidents; workplace injuries; public liability; medical negligence) 
  • Common law and statutory claims  
  • Commonwealth compensation claims  
  • Alternative dispute resolution  
  • Litigation  

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Individuals who suffer from stress and psychological injuries arising from their employment often seek the assistance of both their GP and a lawyer to assist them to navigate the claim process. It is not uncommon