The Snedden Hall & Gallop Property Team thrives through the challenges and opportunities that come within 60 plus years of local experience.

This resilience, not only identified by our ability to stand the test of time, but by cultivating and enhancing partnerships, means that Snedden Hall & Gallop are able to achieve genuine outcomes for our clients.

Commercial property investors rely on us to provide sound advice relevant to the local market, including the unique ACT Crown leasehold and planning system.

We can help you to consider issues related to your commercial property matter, including your corporate structure, mortgages and securities, tax implications, and financial documentation. We can also assist you with property disputes should they arise.

Our many years of experience acting for both landlords and tenants,has allowed the porperty team to develop a thorough understanding of and ability to navigate the following issues:

  • suites of leases
  • customised leases
  • capacity of landlord and tenant
  • disclosure statements
  • obligations under the leases (Commercial and Retail) Act 2001 (if a regulated lease)
  • guarantee (personal and bank)
  • concessional or market value leases
  • permitted use in Crown lease (zoning)
  • rent review mechanisms
  • outgoings
  • options for renewal or purchase
  • right of first refusal
  • repair and make good obligations
  • registration requirements for lease
  • leasing dispute representation and resolution.

The Snedden Hall & Gallop Property Team are experienced in highly complex commercial transactions, holding the key expertise to assist you through:

  • due diligence
  • contract review
  • dealing with financiers
  • dealing with commercial tenants
  • negotiations between the parties
  • stamp duty and other taxes
  • exchange and settlement.

We have guided many clients through successful property developments using a collaborative, efficient and communicative approach.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • commercial land acquisitions
  • commercial property purchases and sales, including stand-alone properties and small- and large-scale multi-unit developments
  • property development strategy advice, including unit title, community title and staging advice
  • structuring advice
  • joint venture contracts and advice
  • compliance with regulatory requirements
  • sub-divisions