We offer government departments, agencies, authorities and corporations tailored and practical advice, and efficient and effective legal solutions, that address risk management issues in a public sector context.

We can provide legal advice on general commercial law matters (including leases, procurement and funding agreements), administrative law (including freedom of information [FOI] and privacy) and statutory interpretation.

We can also assist with the development and review of policy and procedures documents, including manuals and templates.

In addition to legal assistance and representation, we offer:

  • training and seminars
  • secondment of professional legal staff
  • workplace investigations
  • legal project management.

Our extensive experience means that we can play a strategic role in meeting our clients’ legal needs. We partner with our clients and understand the complexity of decision-making in government, including dealing with sensitive issues in a political environment. We take into account departmental and stakeholder interests and priorities in our consultative approach. We provide solutions-focused advice in time-critical environments. We operate with integrity and understand the ethical and accountability requirements of government.

We provide relevant legal and probity advice for government agencies engaged in purchasing goods and services from businesses in accordance with the Commonwealth procurement framework (including the Public Governance Performance and Accountability Act 2013, associated instruments and the Commonwealth Procurement Rules).

We will ensure that your contracts address issues of:

  • notification
  • insurance
  • indemnities
  • dispute resolution
  • intellectual property
  • guarantees
  • termination
  • liability
  • procurement method
  • price
  • privacy
  • timing
  • inclusion and sustainability.

We assist our clients to resolve disputes in an efficient and timely manner. Our lawyers focus on providing strategic advice that prioritise solutions and minimise risk. We have extensive experience in both litigation (up to and including High Court challenges) and alternative dispute resolution.

Our services include:

  • administrative law disputes
  • contractual disputes
  • intellectual property (IP) disputes
  • employment disputes
  • construction and building
  • insolvency and debt recovery.

Our lawyers are experienced in statutory interpretation, providing general administrative law advice and providing representation in judicial and merits review matters.

Our services include advice regarding:

  • lawful decision-making, judicial review and merits review
  • privacy and FOI
  • the laws relating to and governing federal statutory agencies
  • statutory interpretation.

We provide government agencies with accessible and relevant experience in employment law. Our legal team can assist with employment contracts, industrial relations, enterprise agreements, workplace disputes and employment terminations.

In addition, we can provide a team to undertake HR investigations and make recommendations to decision makers or delegates.

Our lawyers are skilled in preparing policy documents, employment and enterprise agreements, and advising on complex issues, including those specific to employment under the Public Service Act 1999 (Cth).

We are experienced in representing employers in relation to proceedings in the Fair Work Commission, the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Federal Court.

Our IP team provides advice that is both practical and up-to-date, ensuring that clients are aware of their rights and responsibilities. Our lawyers are well versed in current technological developments and the legal impact those developments have on clients’ IP rights.

We are ideally positioned to assist government agencies in the protection of IP as well as defending IP. Our lawyers have a strong understanding of the Australian Government IP rules and we keep abreast of the complexities of this field and technological change to advise agencies of the best way to manage the IP they produce.

Our services include:

  • protection of IP rights, including trademarks, copyright and designs
  • advice and assistance in resolving, infringements of IP rights
  • privacy obligations
  • licensing and other contractual arrangements concerning IP.

We can provide advice on head leases, licences and tenancy agreements. Our services include:

  • negotiation and preparation of commercial lease and licence documentation
  • commercial conveyancing
  • advice on planning, land use and capacity issues
  • advice regarding security options.

We can advise government departments, organisations and agencies on effective governance tailored to their unique issues, including:

  • organisational structure
  • relevant or constituting legislation
  • compliance obligations
  • risk management.

We are experienced at providing advice to corporate entities in both the public and private sector.