We focus on understanding your organisation – your goals and your needs. We will help you respond to the specific circumstances and provide practical timely and commercial legal solutions.

Have you found yourself in a dispute with a supplier, an employee, a customer or another organisation and you need legal support?

We will guide you through the dispute resolution process with as little disruption to your business as possible. Our lawyers emphasise strategic, practical and cost-effective legal advice with a focus on resolving your dispute. You should feel confident that you can get on with your business, while we help you to resolve the dispute.

We can assist you, regardless of whether your matter requires alternative dispute resolution, mediation or arbitration, debt recovery or litigation in the courts.

We can promptly review your documents, including contracts, service agreements, terms and conditions, and your internal corporate or partnership documents.

We can assist you in settling disputes with regulatory authorities, such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

In 2023 our Commerical Team was recognised as a “Leading Commercial Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Insolvency Law Firm” by the Doyles Guide. 

Are you a builder in a dispute with a homeowner? Or are you a sub-contractor in a dispute with a head contractor?

In a building dispute, it’s important to speak to us early in the piece. We can help you reduce the likelihood of litigation, which can be time-consuming and costly. We can guide you in alternative ways to resolve the dispute. Our goal will be to move your project towards completion, reduce delays and stress, open up communication and minimise associated legal costs to you. Avoiding court and using alternative methods of dispute resolution are common in the Canberra building and construction market.

Of course, should the conflict not be resolved, we can facilitate the preparation of expert reports, prepare your case for litigation, and assist you to get the best result.

Do you require assistance in resolving disputes with suppliers, service providers or customers?

The Australian Consumer Law provides protection to consumers in relation to:

  • consumer guarantees – including responsibilities for refunds and repayments
  • sales practices – such as unsolicited consumer agreements, lay-by schemes and unfair contract terms
  • unfair business practices – such as misleading or deceptive conduct, false and misleading representations
  • compliance and enforcement
  • consumer product safety – including recalls.

In some circumstances, specific authorisation is required from the ACCC to carry on your business, or a part of your business.

We have expertise in preparing the required documentation and working with you and the ACCC to obtain the necessary approvals. We provide organisations with commercially focused, strategic, timely, cost-effective and practical solutions. We understand the risks involved and we will take account of the unique circumstances that apply in your matter.

Do you, and another party to a contract, disagree on the interpretation of the contract?

Contract disputes are probably the most common form of commercial dispute that we encounter. Disputes can arise over the terms and the application of a contract between shareholders, joint venture partners, vendors and resellers, employees and employers, franchisees and franchisors, retailers and their suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors, property owners and tenants, and property developers and investors.

We can assist you in a contractual dispute to consider terms, oral agreements, liabilities, risks and recourse associated with the dispute. We can also help you to enforce a contract or effectively extricate you from a contract.

The recovery of debts owing to your business should rank at the top of your priorities in financial management. The law provides clear procedures to clarify what you should do about accounts owing to you. We can advise you in relation to:

  • debt recovery proceedings in the federal, ACT and NSW courts and tribunals
  • bankruptcies
  • company searches, status enquiries
  • corporate voluntary administration
  • debt agreements
  • liquidations
  • receiverships
  • statutory demands and insolvency.

It’s important to see us at your earliest opportunity, with all relevant documentation, so that we can advise you as to the best options and appropriate procedures.

Workplace issues are increasingly in the spotlight. Although your workplace may have policies and procedures for dealing with employee disputes concerning discrimination, bullying and harassment, as well as unfair dismissal claims, employment contracts, redundancy entitlements and workplace investigations, there are some occasions where an employment dispute requires independent legal advice.

We can assist when it is alleged that your workplace has:

  • not met workplace obligations
  • not complied with its own policies and procedures
  • been inconsistent in the treatment of employees
  • not followed dispute procedures
  • no policies or procedures to cover workplace practices, disputes and investigations.

In addition, you may require independent legal advice to deal with employee misconduct. A poor workplace investigation can have many negative consequences. Our involvement, as independent experienced workplace investigators, can ensure a timely response with a process that is effective and conducted fairly.

For more information on employment issues, such as the preparation of policies and contracts, engagement of contractors, and redundancies, see our Employment Law page.

As a business owner, what are your rights, risks and obligations associated with insolvency or going into administration? We can help you with all aspects of the law regarding insolvency and administration, including:

  • advising you what to do if you think you are at risk of being made insolvent
  • helping you understand your rights and obligations once you have been made insolvent
  • advising liquidators, administrators, and companies in liquidation or under administration
  • acting for liquidators and other insolvency practitioners before the courts
  • advising liquidators, creditors and others in relation to insolvent transactions (e.g. preference claims and uncommercial transaction claims)
  • acting for liquidators and trustees, and directors in relation to public examinations
  • acting for directors and other parties in relation to directors duties
  • acting for financiers and various third parties in relation to assets secured or otherwise including the PPSR Advice to businesses regarding statutory demands and creditor’s petitions.

Do you need assistance in stopping competitors or employees using your IP or damaging your reputation?

Protecting your IP and preventing infringements is critical for your business.

Infringement is the most common type of IP dispute and covers those instances where your IP is used without your permission.

Increasingly common is the misuse or theft of corporate IP by a departing employee or an employee of a competitor.

We can assist you to deal with infringement issues in a timely manner and to strongly convey your rights including ‘cease and desist’ actions and monetary claims to cover your losses.

Do you need advice on the best course of action in resolving a property dispute?

There can be a number of stakeholders involved in a property dispute. We provide advice and representation to property developers, commercial tenants, landlords, buyers, sellers and body corporates. We are aware that disputes can be time consuming and expensive. We will help you resolve your property dispute by understanding your goals and taking into account the unique circumstances of your situation.

Contact us for property disputes relating to:

  • commercial, industrial or retail leases
  • contracts for the sale of land in the ACT or NSW
  • joint tenants or tenants in common
  • property developments
  • property damage
  • rights of way
  • securities over land
  • strata titles.

Do you understand the risks and responsibilities, options and outcomes of a dispute between business partners?

Your business may be structured as a partnership or a company, and may also involve a trust. Disputes between business partners, directors or shareholders can have a significant, and often negative, impact on the success of the business. For this reason, we take a commercial approach and focus on understanding your personal goals, the business, the other partners, the problems and the risks involved. We support you to achieve strategic solutions to your business dispute in a timely and cost-effective manner. Often this will take the form of alternative dispute resolution with mediation or some other form of negotiation. We would only resort to litigation, which is generally more costly, after we have exhausted other avenues to achieve resolution. That way you and the other shareholders, directors or partners can move on with your lives, or resolve the issue and allow the business to move forward.