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Modern Migrating Family

Applicants for both Skilled and Humanitarian visas (as well as certain other visas) are entitled to include their immediate family as additional visa applicants. Thus, a migrant may be granted a subclass 482 (Temporary Skills Shortage) visa. This is a common employer sponsored visa where the applicant has skills that their employer has not been

Modern Migrating Family2023-10-12T10:33:03+11:00

Negligence – slips, trips and falls

In light of the recent ACT Court of Appeal judgment relating to a ‘slip and fall’ accident in the ACT and our article covering that judgment, this article discusses a ‘trip and fall’ accident which occurred in NSW. Although the facts and mechanism of the accident are different in the NSW case, both cases turned

Negligence – slips, trips and falls2023-09-26T10:17:03+10:00

Introduction to Trade Promotions

Trade promotions are a crucial aspect of marketing and sales strategies for many businesses and can help to build brand awareness and increase sales. However, there are various legal requirements for a business to keep in mind when running a trade promotion. This article provides an overview of what trade promotions are, how they work,

Introduction to Trade Promotions2023-09-14T10:54:25+10:00

Artificial Intelligence and the Law Blog

Navigating the Legal Landscape: AI Tools in Law Practice - Benefits and Risks In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, the legal field is undergoing a transformative shift through the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT. These tools offer a range of promising benefits along with potential risks, influencing the practice of

Artificial Intelligence and the Law Blog2023-09-05T10:37:57+10:00

Things to Consider When Applying To Extend a Family Violence or Personal Violence Order

When applying to extend a family violence order, there are several important factors to consider when ensuring the safety and protection of affected parties. Family violence orders are typically issued under various state and territory laws, so the specific requirements and processes vary; however, there are some general considerations that you should consider: 1. Evidence

Things to Consider When Applying To Extend a Family Violence or Personal Violence Order2023-08-17T08:59:06+10:00

Joining The Winning Team

In something of a surprise announcement, the Australian Government has instituted a direct pathway to Australian citizenship for New Zealand citizens living in Australia. From 1 July 2023, any New Zealand citizen living in Australia for four or more years will be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship. By way of background, any New Zealand

Joining The Winning Team2023-08-15T09:36:09+10:00

Check twice, pay once – Complying with the Hospitality and Restaurant Awards

The Hospitality and Restaurant industries are known for their fast-paced environments with not a moment to spare. Yet, when it comes to payment of staff, it’s important to slow down and ensure that there is compliance with the Award requirements. This is particularly so noting that there have been recent changes to the Award and

Check twice, pay once – Complying with the Hospitality and Restaurant Awards2023-06-22T15:07:51+10:00

It is almost tax time, have you considered your income?

With tax time right around the corner, it is important as an employer or employee/contractor to consider what is income and your obligations with the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Particularly from an employment perspective, sometimes it can be unclear what exactly income is, especially if a remuneration package includes benefits that are not just money.

It is almost tax time, have you considered your income?2023-04-18T15:00:48+10:00

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