WG and two siblings were appointed executors of their father’s estate. Sadly, WG’s father passed away causing the appointment of the executors to come into effect. The estate included a number of properties which would need to be sold. With one of the siblings living overseas, it was logistically difficult for all three executors to act in the role. This is not an uncommon predicament when more than one person is appointed as the executor of an estate.
WG and the other two executors agreed that WG would be responsible for obtaining a grant of probate and attending to the administration of the estate while keeping the other two executors in the loop.
We were able to assist WG with obtaining a grant of probate. Three critical elements contributed to the success of the matter:

  1. Leave was reserved for the other two executors to make an application in the future if required.
  2. We were able to facilitate meetings between all the executors via Skype.
  3. Our Conveyancing team assisted with the sale of the various estate properties.

As a result, WG was able to administer the estate without unnecessary delay.
Tanya Herbertson and the Wills & Estates team were pleased to be able to assist the executors to manage their father’s estate.
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