Snedden Hall & Gallop boasts an experienced and skilled migration law team who assist in all manner of immigration matters including visa applications, review of government decisions and liaising with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on your behalf.
We recently demonstrated this expertise when assisting a client to obtain a Resident Return Visa (RRV). This was a highly complex case as the applicant and his family were outside of Australia for a lengthy period of time but maintained sufficient links with Australia so as to justify his return under the RRV scheme.
Our client recently had these kind words to say:
After unsuccessfully trying to renew my resident return visa on my own, I turned to SHG. I knew it was a long shot and it took a couple more tries, but the firm shared my persistence and we prevailed.
Two things impressed me the most about the firm’s approach. Firstly, Nicholas and Gerald took me through the policy advice manual that the Department analyst would use as guidance – essentially exactly how to satisfy the general points available online. This enabled us to come up with a plan on how to “tick all of the boxes,” leaving no stone unturned.
Secondly, they welcomed my first draft for the submission, which was an amateur attempt to put forth my case. Then they recrafted it into a much more polished document with professional arguments and many points I would never have thought of.
Although I could have turned everything over to the firm, since they recognized I knew my case best and was able to craft at least some of the arguments, they respectfully treated me as a partner in the project and accepted my input. They even sent me drafts of the application for my review.
When the time came to sponsor my family, I was prepared to hand that application entirely over to the firm but, respecting my finances and abilities, they rightly assured me this was something I could easily handle myself but they would be available to assist as needed, e.g., by reviewing my final submission.
Now my family and I are enjoying life in Australia, with rewarding professional employment and a welcoming school for our daughter.
SHG helped make our dreams come true.
We take great pride in assisting potential migrants with their visa applications and if you, or someone you know, require such assistance, please contact our Migration Team today.