We recently obtained a successful outcome for a client who is a former public service employee.
He was a forestry worker who received incorrect information during the course of his employment to the effect that he was not eligible to join the Commonwealth superannuation scheme.
He worked in an isolated workplace and had little access to other information. He remained of the view that he was not eligible for Commonwealth superannuation for many years until his partner, who was a member of the super scheme, helped him join independently of his workplace.
As a result, he suffered a significant loss in terms of superannuation benefits upon his retirement.
We were able to negotiate a significant settlement for him with the representatives of the Commonwealth and he is now well set up in terms of his retirement.
Understandably happy with the result, we received these kind words from our client:  “Once again, we wish to thank you and your colleagues for all the assistance provided in settling this matter”.
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