We need to take notice of a quotation from Barack Obama who referred to the lack of empathy demonstrated in our community. He spoke of the need to ‘cultivate a sense of empathy’ by ‘putting yourself in other peoples shoes….see the world from their eyes’. Such a philosophy is one that we as lawyers need to adopt when dealing with our clients.

Regularly, when we see our clients, we are doing so when they are facing significant trauma and either psychological distress or physical pain and discomfort. It is easy to downplay the impact of such difficulties or to feel that complaints are exaggerated or not as significant as complained of.

Having suffered a significant leg injury in 2020, I had a period of weeks when I was unable to bend my leg, walk properly or drive a car. That incident certainly gave me insight into what many of our clients tell us about their plight during periods of distress and disability. During such periods, it is often necessary to rely on family members and friends to provide assistance and support. Such assistance and support cannot be understated.

It is very helpful for us to put ourselves in the position of our clients and to, in effect, stand in their shoes. This allows us to understand more fully what they are going through and to help present their case in an effective, comprehensive and sympathetic fashion.

All of our clients deserve the best possible service. Whether they have been injured or suffered other legal problems, each deserves our careful attention and the best possible legal advice. I am certainly of the view that each of us needs to adopt Barack Obama’s recommendation and to cultivate a sense of empathy when seeking to provide that best possible advice for our clients.

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