“Mr Fluffy” Asbestos has been a part of the “fabric of Canberra” for a long time now, and not in a positive way.

It is very pleasing to see that the Federal and ACT Governments are joining forces to provide financial support for those suffering serious injury arising from exposure to asbestos in Mr Fluffy houses. The ACT Law Society and the Law Council recently confirmed the support of the legal profession to a new scheme to help such victims.

This issue was publicly raised in a campaign by Mr James Wallner who has developed the terrible disease mesothelioma as result of exposure to asbestos in a Mr Fluffy home in which he grew up. Prominent journalist and TV presenter James O’Loghlin, a friend of Mr Wallner has been advocating on his behalf.

The Commonwealth government has known, at least since the 1960s of the potentially lethal effect of asbestos exposure, but was slow to take action, leaving Mr Fluffy home owners in the dark.

The ABC has a great write up about the impact Mr Wallner had in ensuring some justice is served for victims – HERE

It is essential that all those who suffer such a catastrophic impact of exposure are supported financially.