Snedden Hall & Gallop partnered with Tennis ACT this weekend to deliver the ACT Women in Sport Leadership Brunch, which coincided with the community event, Canberra Girls Get Active Day.

The Brunch was an excellent opportunity to bring together a number of leaders from the Canberra community, as well as the perfect event to showcase the firm’s commitment to female leadership and it’s wider engagement with the sporting and business community.

Richard Faulks, our managing director, highlighted the importance of the day. “We are delighted to be partnered with Tennis ACT, as part of our community activities, and in particular we are pleased to be associated with today’s event which focusses on promoting the participation of women and girls in sport.

We have a strong commitment to encouraging leadership by the women in our business, and more generally in the ACT community and we believe strongly in the importance of inclusion and diversity in what we do.”

Finally, the Canberra Girls Get Active Day opened up not only the Tennis ACT facility to the whole Canberra community, but gave a number of sports (including Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Hockey and Cricket) the opportunity to showcase their participation programs to a huge crowd.

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Both events were a huge success, further emphasizing Snedden Hall & Gallop’s commitment to the Canberra community and the true value of our partnerships with community sport.