What’s involved in a business sale?

Each business is different – you may have different value drivers, motivations and goals. We recognise these subtleties and apply years of experience in working with business valuations and sales to maximise the value of your business and achieve the best possible outcome for you as the owner. Emily Shoemark and Caitlin Meers of Snedden Hall & Gallop Lawyers are Accredited Succession Plus Advisers and are guiding Canberra business owners. They explain how you can sell your business in the best way, at the right time, and with a maximised value.

Why sell with Succession Plus?

Using the Succession Plus 21-Step System, we look at your business holistically, leading you through each stage with the aim of maximising the value of your business before putting it on the market. Knowing the next step, and having a trusted adviser to ask, ensures you can make the big decisions with confidence.

Getting it right the first time

Whether you’re looking to adequately fund retirement or your next venture, ideally we want to ensure the business continues to be successful. We will help you to put the time into creating a strategic exit plan which makes these outcomes possible.

The process of selling your business

1.   Stage one – insights report

We will investigate the current saleability of your business, documenting assets and liabilities but also looking at your practices and procedures to identify any areas for improvement. This report is a useful guide for any business, as it shows which areas need attention and provides an order of priority.

2.   Strategic advice

We take a holistic view of your business in order to understand where improvements can be made in the short and long term. This is specifically designed to help maximise value and assist you in achieving your objectives.Succession Plus will effectively implement a strategy to maximise business value and achieve a successful transition, ensuring you progress with no regrets. We help you consider constructive steps that will enhance your systems, documentation, business profile and marketing and ready your business for market.

3.   Negotiation and finalisation

We help you to clarify who the most likely buyers are, what attracts them and how to talk to them to negotiate the best sale price. We will manage purchase enquiries and negotiate the price. It is about managing a transparent but competitive sale process that is designed to maximise the sale proceeds while keeping the process simple.
Creating your proposal with Succession Plus also gives you access to our qualified investor and buyer network, both domestic and international.

4.   Due diligence

We use the Succession Plus online deal management tool to eliminate risks and accelerate deals.

How can Snedden Hall & Gallop Lawyers help you?

Snedden Hall & Gallop Lawyers is an accredited Succession Plus adviser and the local partner in Canberra. If you’re looking to sell your business, make an appointment with us on (02) 6285 8000 or by email here. You can find out more about our Succession Planning. We provide proactive, focused and strategic succession advice for mid-market business owners in Canberra.

Emily Shoemark and Caitlin Meers are accredited Succession Plus advisers. You can find out more about our Business Succession services here.