Breaches of subclass 457 sponsorship obligations, together with the submission of forged documentation and misleading information to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection warranted a whopping fine in the eyes of the Federal Court earlier this year.
Justice Mansfield ordered a Darwin based company to pay $335,017 in restitution for exploiting 457 visa holders and failing to uphold sponsorship obligations.
At least 10 Filipino workers performing a variety of hospitality functions were being overworked and severely underpaid by the Company which has been publically reprimanded for failing to abide by its sponsorship obligations under the 457 program.
The ABC news reported that a spokesperson for Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Senator Michaela Cash said the judgment should send a strong message to any company that exploited foreign workers.
Following a recent 457 enquiry, the Government has vowed to target and prosecute sponsoring employers who misuse the program to exploit foreign workers.
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