The Migration Law team at Snedden Hall & Gallop has seen an increase in the number of visa applicants in Canberra facing refusal for a number of reasons. One such reason includes people who have previously overstayed an earlier visa, or who fall within a category of people identified in the Migration Regulations as people who have held bridging visas for long periods of time. The migration policy would prefer, in these instances, that applicants depart Australia and apply offshore to return.
We recently helped a couple to appeal the refusal of a Partner Visa on the basis that there were compelling and compassionate reasons to overlook the fact that the visa applicant had held a bridging visa for too long under the Regulations.
We successfully made submissions to the Migration Review Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (formerly the MRT) that the circumstances of the family, who were expecting their first baby and had obligations requiring them to remain in Australia, meant that they could not easily relocate offshore and apply outside of Australia.
Here is some great feedback we received from this client:
‘My wife and I went into the MRT process very anxious and uncertain. However, the service provided by Nick and SHG was outstanding, and Nick made us feel comfortable and confident at all times whilst ensuring we remained aware of all possible scenarios. We are now extremely pleased to be able to say that we received a positive outcome from the Tribunal, and the experience is now behind us. It would certainly have been more stressful and difficult without Nick’s ongoing support and assistance.’
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