Kids will be kids… but what do you do if your child is injured at school?

Every day, parents across Canberra drop their children off at the school gates, trusting the school to take care of their children throughout the day. But injuries at school are a fact of life.
At one time or another most parents have received that dreaded call from the school during school hours because there child is sick or injured. In this article, Amber Wang, Senior Associate at Snedden Hall & Gallop Lawyers, outlines issues associated injuries at school and what you can do when there may have been a breach of duty of care.

Who is responsible when school injuries occur?

When the injuries are serious, and expensive medical bills start rolling in, parents often ask how the accident happened.
Schools have a duty of care to all students. This applies whether they are in the classroom or playground or involved in school activities. Schools must take all reasonable steps to keep children safe from physical and psychological injury, including playground hazards or bullying.

What can you do?

Accidents happen, and by their very nature they are not always someone else’s fault.
However, when accidents do happen, families may struggle with the cost of extra medical bills.  For serious injuries, in addition to medical bills, parents often have to take time off work because of the accident. They need to care for their children and transport them to and from appointments.
In order to make a claim you must prove the school breached their duty of care, and that this breach resulted in your child’s injury.

How can Snedden Hall & Gallop help you?

If your child has been injured at school, and you think someone else caused or could have prevented the accident, then you may be able to make a claim on their behalf. The experienced Personal Injury team at Snedden Hall & Gallop can advise you on the best solution. Please contact us today for assistance on 02 6285 8000 or by email.