In circumstances where a Court orders one party to pay another, it is referred to as a judgment debt. Generally, debtors pay the debt and that brings the matter to an end. However, on occasion, some debtors refuse to pay the debt and the creditor (the one who is to receive the money) has to enforce the debt.
Unfortunately, the process often involves returning to court for what can be seen as a second court case. At Snedden Hall & Gallop, we approach such action with practical solutions. We feel that each creditor has been through enough stress just to get the initial judgment; why should they also be stressed about enforcing it.
Here are some recent comments made by a client for whom we recovered a significant judgement debt:
I was referred to Snedden Hall & Gallop for assistance in enforcing a judgment that had been a year old.
Craig Painter attended to all Court work and in doing so, took the stress away from me.
His approach to the recovery of the judgment debt was practical and I was able to recover the judgment debt, interest and costs.
Craig has my sincere thanks in bringing this matter to an end.
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