As part of our community legal education programme, Snedden Hall & Gallop has offered two university scholarships annually for the past 15 years to students from ACT colleges who have the desire and the ability to study law at a university level.
We believe that a scholarship is a unique mechanism for us to establish a positive link with the next generation of lawyers and to make a contribution to the education of our future lawyers.
The scholarships recognise scholastic ability and, in a practical way, assist the two successful students by offering them financial support over their first three years of legal studies as well as an offer of paralegal employment with the firm during their studies.
This year, the scholarship saw 8 nominees from different colleges around Canberra give a presentation on a given topic at the University of Canberra’s Moot Court, and attend an individual interview with the judging panel.
The two recipients of the Scholarship were Alexis Currier from Radford College and Kate James from Lake Tuggeranong College.
The judging panel were Maree Sainsbury, Head of the School of Law, University of Canberra, and Nick Tebbey and Alyssa Dunn from Snedden Hall & Gallop.
Each year the University of Canberra proudly supports the Scholarship by offering their electronic Moot Court for the student presentations.
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