You’ve got mail: Should you send personal emails from your workplace?

During 2020 we have seen the interpretation of what constitutes a workplace dramatically widen. How then, does this apply to the connection between using your work email account to send personal emails? Or similarly, send a personal email while “at work”. The lines are increasingly blurring between personal and work emails in the workplace, and

You’ve got mail: Should you send personal emails from your workplace?2020-11-03T09:47:06+11:00

Battle of the Burgers

The Dispute McDonald’s and Hungry Jacks have long battled to win over the hearts, minds and stomachs of Australians. Now, a rivalry between two fast good giants takes on a new stage. In August 2020 McDonald’s Asia Pacific (McDonald’s) commenced legal action against Hungry Jack’s in the Federal Court of Australia. The reason? It claims

Battle of the Burgers2020-09-23T14:52:58+10:00

Facebook marketplace – buyer beware!

When purchasing items on Facebook marketplace or other similar forums, buyers must always beware! This is because the consumer guarantees created by Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) are not applicable (‘Australian Consumer Law’). Why don’t they apply? The Australian Consumer Law does not apply to private transactions. Rather, it governs

Facebook marketplace – buyer beware!2020-06-16T10:17:51+10:00

COVID-19 – What is the Code of Conduct for commercial leases?

As part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic the National Cabinet has announced the creation of a mandatory code of conduct with respect to commercial leases. Gene Schirripa explains what the code of conduct is, and how it may impact your commercial lease. What is the Code of Conduct? On 3 April 2019, the

COVID-19 – What is the Code of Conduct for commercial leases?2020-04-16T09:51:00+10:00

COVID-19 and contracts: How does the pandemic affect my rights and obligations?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created panic and uncertainty in all facets of society. Government-enforced lockdowns will make it hard – even impossible in many cases – for businesses to continue trading. For many businesses, the pandemic presents the following question: What happens to current contracts and the rights and obligations flowing from them? In this

COVID-19 and contracts: How does the pandemic affect my rights and obligations?2020-04-08T07:38:46+10:00

COVID-19 and insolvency – temporary relief

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic clearly brings many challenges for business. As part of its response, the Australian Government has announced a relief package for financially distressed businesses. This package provides some protection for businesses and their owners by putting in place more barriers to a business being placed into liquidation or made bankrupt.

COVID-19 and insolvency – temporary relief2020-03-31T13:09:27+11:00

Voluntary administration and liquidation

Celebrity chef George Calombaris’ restaurant empire has come to a halt as 22 companies in his group of enterprises (the corporate vehicle through which he runs his restaurants) have been put into voluntary administration. All his venues have stopped trading effective immediately. With the spotlight on voluntary administration, Gene Schirripa, Lawyer at Snedden Hall &

Voluntary administration and liquidation2020-02-17T11:26:28+11:00

Employment law update: Fair Work Information Statement

The Fair Work Ombudsman has recently updated the Fair Work Information Statement for the first time since 2011. Gene Schirripa explains below what the Statement is and why is has been updated and reminds employers the importance of making sure a Statement is given to every new employee. What is the Fair Work Information Statement?

Employment law update: Fair Work Information Statement2020-02-04T14:14:34+11:00

It’s a little smoky out there: balancing your employees’ rights and the conditions

Bushfire smoke has affected our city and surrounds over recent months, having a dramatic effect on our daily routine. As Gene Schirripa explains, employers are confronted with a difficult problem: they must endeavour to reconcile an overarching legal duty to their employees to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for their employees with commercial interests

It’s a little smoky out there: balancing your employees’ rights and the conditions2020-01-20T10:25:35+11:00

Building defects – who can be held responsible?

In late October 2019, the Building and Construction Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 (‘Amendment Bill’) was introduced into the ACT Legislative Assembly. ACT Minister for Building Quality Improvement, Gordon Ramsay, announced an intention to reform building legislation in the Territory in a bid to ‘crack down on dodgy builders’. In this article Gene Schirripa discusses the

Building defects – who can be held responsible?2019-12-10T14:18:34+11:00

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